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Too many animals, too few good homes. Please spay and neuter all your pets...
it's a great tool against unnecessary euthanasia!
me with my basset toy

I was born an animal lover and have been lucky enough to share my whole life with a menagerie. My first word wasn’t “mommy” or “daddy,” -- it was "horsie." Before I could even walk, I dragged my animal toys around with me everywhere I could crawl. I loved my precious Digger the Dog into a paint barren lump of wood, which I realize now was an early symptom of my current happy affliction: unbridled basset love. Simply put, I was born to be owned by bassets.

It was these dogs that inspired me to start painting.  I wanted to capture their wide range of expressions, from serious soulfulness to attempted ferocity to goofy joy.  The cascading folds of fur around their faces are delightful, as are those ears – those long, glorious ears – sometimes perched high and other times sagging low, depending on their mood. Those ears come to life when bassets leap (or what they imagine to be a leap), the velvety flaps flying through the air behind them.  Bassets love a good nap on the sofa, but they are far from couch potatoes!  They are wonderful balls of tumbling energy, and what they lack in sometimes grace they make up for with enthusiasm.  Watching them, it’s impossible not to smile.

My Dancing with the Stars, Noogent and Miss Isabella

Shortly after getting our first basset in 1991, I was determined to learn how to express the breed’s ever changing charms on paper, and I have been painting with watercolors ever since.  Trying to translate what my eyes see and my heart feels into swirls and blobs of color is a never-ending challenge, but I hope that each painting brings me a little closer to sharing my passion for these loyal, loving creatures. I always say that living with a basset is like living in a comic strip:  you never know what you are going to get, but you’re guaranteed a giggle. I hope you find as much joy in your pets as I do mine. 

Thank you for visiting Fetchit Graphics and letting me share my bassets with you.  I keep a photo journal of my family at


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